History and introduction

History and introduction

Markazi Province Gas Company was established on 9/29/1998 as a special joint stock company and was registered on 7/27/2004 under No. 5777 in the Companies Registration and Industrial Property Office of Arak. The main center of the company is located in Arak and its field of activity and related offices is located in Markazi province. Meanwhile, according to the decision of the Assignment Board dated 12/22/2009, the National Iranian Gas Company (Gas Holding) has been transferred to the non-governmental sector, based on the latest changes and according to the minutes of the Extraordinary General Assembly dated 9/22/2011 (registered in the Official Gazette). 12/3/2011) Based on the amendment of a part of the articles of association, Markazi Province Gas Company is a subsidiary of Iran Gas Distribution Company and one hundred percent of the shares belong to the said company. Iran Gas Distribution Company is also a subsidiary of National Iranian Gas Company. Also, the company does not have a competitive environment in business and is responsible for supplying gas to the entire province. The organizational model of the company is described according to Table 1. Field of activity of the company according to the articles of association:

A) Receiving, distributing, buying and selling and operating rights of natural gas in compliance with the relevant regulations and laws.

B) Maintenance, maintenance and management of operations related to sub-transmission lines of power supply and gas distribution networks, pressure reduction stations, measuring station

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