Introducing the services

Title of serviceHow to provide sub-serviceGuide to using the following servicesAdditional information on service (service ID)Service download page linkFAQSLAContact number and name of the respondent unit under service
Major Service Title (Service ID)Sub-service title (sub-service ID)
Customer Affairs ServicesSubscriber subscriber share (13031670100)not in perosn Asked Questions for each serviceService Level Agreement Statement 
Majority subscribers (13031670101)not in perosn   
 Presenting a duplicate bill (13031670102)not in perosn   
 Debt Inquiry (Settlement) (13031670103)not in perosn   
Rename component subscriber (13037670105)not in perosn   
Modify component joint address (13031670106)not in perosn   
        Registration of component common meter (absence reading) (13031670107)not in perosn   
Gas subscriber bill correction (13031670108)not in perosn   
Capacity change (change of piping / change of number of units) (13031670109)not in perosn   
Change the type of consumption of subscribers (13031670110)not in perosn   
Gas bill troubleshooting (13031670111)not in perosn   
Gas meter test (13031670112)not in perosn   
Install the scientist (13031670113)not in perosn   
Equipment collection (demolition and renovation) (13031670114)not in perosn      
Science transfer (13031670115)not in perosn   
Subscriber gas outage (13031670116)not in perosn   
Reconnecting gas flow to subscribers (13031670117)not in perosn   
Provide billing details (13031670118)not in perosn   
Gas meter separation (13031670119)not in perosn   
Termination / Termination of Contract (13031670120)not in perosn   
Gas meter replacement (13031670121)not in perosn