An expert meeting on the operation management of the Central Gas Company was held with the aim of examining the problems and
5 June 2024
In order to examine the problems and challenges of the operation management of Central Gas Company and exchange ideas to
A brainstorming meeting was held with the CEO of Central Gas Company and the heads of gas supply areas of this company
5 June 2024
At the same time as the 7th of June of this year, in the Amir Kabir Baghk cultural complex of Shazand, a brainstorming
The visit of the Director General of Information Technology of Central Province to the achievements of Gas Company of Central
5 June 2024
Naimi, Director General of Information and Communication Technology of the Central Governorate and the delegation
The CEO of Central Gas Company announced the improvement of 640 engine houses in the province in 1402 and a reduction of
5 June 2024
According to the public relations report of the Central Gas Company, Mehdi Kamalabadi Farahani, CEO of the Central Gas
The CEO of Central Gas Company announced that the company is fully prepared to enter the cold season
11 November 2023
At the same time as the fall season, in order to coordinate and prepare for winter and check the conditions and ensure
More than nine thousand and 540 kilometers of supply and distribution networks were found to be leaking in Central Province
11 November 2023
The Managing Director of Central Province Gas Company emphasized on preventing the wastage of gas, which is a national
More than 4741 new consumers benefited from natural gas with 44 km of network in Central Province
11 November 2023
The managing director of Central Gas Company announced: In the first 6 months of 1402, more than 44 kilometers of
Strengthening the facility is an inevitable necessity for providing services to subscribers
13 June 2023
Managing Director of Markazi Gas Company said: To provide continuous and continuous services to subscribers, retrofit