More than 6,400 customer services in 1399 are the result of mechanized relief operations

More than 6,400 customer services in 1399 are the result of mechanized relief operations
The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Markazi province Gas Company said: " last year the Speed and quality of service was an important part of performing mechanized relief operations and managing the fleet of relief teams by installing locators, recording calls, receiving and sending times Mechanized work and online monitoring, as well as the performance of stations, especially vital stations in the province, was one of the important tasks in the province.

 According to the public relations of the Markazi province Gas Company, Mohammad Reza Samiei the CEO of the company said: “ The process of responding to the customers through mechanized relief 194 was evaluated very useful and added: last year 24-hour operation of Mechanized relief had obtained good results and responded in the shortest possible time to the honorable people of Arak and Ashtian and and Tafresh.

According to this report, Hamid Ramezani, Deputy Operator of Markazi Province Gas Company, continued: "Although speed is the main aim of mechanized relief forces, the relevant experts have trained to solve the problem of customers. Mechanized work and online observation of the operation of important vital stations in the province can have access to the highest speed and quality. "

Ramezani pointed out that in the year1399, the number of normal messages was 1,343, instant messages were 4,869, very urgent messages were 225, and the total service was 6,437and18879 cases of major repairs have been done to provide services in the cities of Arak and Tafresh and Ashtian, and Farmahin, and this is a sign of the commitment and sincerity of the mechanized relief team.

Sunday, Jun 13, 2021
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