The use of GIS-based systems is a prelude to the realization of electronic government

The use of GIS-based systems is a prelude to the realization of electronic government
Mohammad Reza Samiei, CEO of the Markazi Province gas company, Due to the 75% progress of the above project, pointed to the effects of exploiting this technology and said: On the completion of the above project and the launch of other location-based systems, there is no need for gas applicants to visit gas subsidiaries. They can register their request and follow up on the case by receiving the tracking code.

According to the public relations of Markazi Province Gas Company, Samiei continued: This issue is one of the big steps of the gas company in order to fulfill the slogan of our wise leader in 1400 . This can increase the general satisfaction of customers with the company's performance by clarifying the demand process to install branching and sharing. The full implementation of these systems will be a big step towards the realization of e-government.

According to this report, Mohammad Sabouri, deputy director of engineering and project implementation of Markazi Gas Company, referring to the existing problems last year, such as Corona disease, sanction existence and the impossibility of using equipment and making some necessities expensive added: "The company, using its young and creative forces   by using the capacity of 612 helpers   and replacing Cell phones instead of GPS to collect scientific information, resulting in high speed and data quality." It has been irreplaceable in the country.

In the end, Sabouri added: After coding and installing the labels of gaz lines, the benefits of this project can be used in cases such as The customer will have access to relief and other service organizations by announcing the gaz line number, Redesign network capacities and determine the critical points of the network in terms of network age and gas pressure and allowable speed, Ability to provide online services to gas applicants and provide a tracking code without visiting the offices, Consumption control and consequently control of wasted and lost gases, Informing the customers during the required repairs before the gaz outage.

Sunday, Jun 13, 2021
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