Optimization of 1,829 engine rooms in Markazi province in 1401

Optimization of 1,829 engine rooms in Markazi province in 1401
Managing Director of Markazi Gas Company announced the optimization of 1,829 engine rooms in 1401 and about 25% reduction of energy consumption by optimizing engine rooms.
According to the public relations of Central Province Gas Company, Mohammad Reza Soami'i, in explaining this news, said: During the past year, 154 customers' requests for engine room optimalization plan have been registered in Markazi province, which has been implemented to optimize the engine rooms of these companies with 136 engine rooms during the past year.He added: "So far, an agreement has been signed to optimize 6,609 engine rooms in the province, of which nearly 2,000 have been optimized since the beginning of the project.Referring to the implementation of the largest engine room planning project in Amir 2010 Hospital, Samii said: "This project has been carried out with a credit of about 4 billion Rials in the last year for all 8 engine rooms of this hospital.Referring to the reduction of about 25 percent of energy consumption by performing optimization of power plants in the province, the CEO of Markazi Gas Company said: The implementation of the national plan for free modification and optimization of the engine room of residential and commercial units is in line with the policies of the Ministry of Oil, which its implementation at the provincial level can lead to a significant reduction in gas prices and saving gas consumption in the domestic and commercial sectors. Reliability, sustainability and continuity of gas flow in industrial sectors and consequently, more environmental protection.Samiee noted: Natural gas customers with central motorhomes and qualified construction companies can register their requests by visiting the national iranian gas company's website at the www.nigc.ir's address and choosing the option to register the national plan for optimizing the engine rooms
Monday, Apr 17, 2023
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