Strengthening the facility is an inevitable necessity for providing services to subscribers

Strengthening the facility is an inevitable necessity for providing services to subscribers
Managing Director of Markazi Gas Company said: To provide continuous and continuous services to subscribers, retrofit and ready to play the role of the facilities
The company is actively seeking to retrofit this important facility

 According to the Public Relations of Markazi Province Gas Company, Mehdi Kamalabadi, the CEO of the company, while stating the above, said: Central Province Gas Company by securing the gas distribution network, retrofitting studies of old office buildings and gas decompression stations, insures subscribers against accidents and crises caused by natural disasters such as earthquakes, landslides, etc.

He noted that Markazi Province Gas Company has put on its agenda in order to increase the resilience of gas supply facilities, secure distribution network and gas pressure reducing stations, retrofitting and rebuilding the facilities against earthquakes, retrofitting of science and improving and reducing natural gas loss.

Managing Director of Central Gas Provincial Company said: Retrofitting and securing the gas network and collecting sidewalk valves and lifting basin valves are other measures of the company for resiliency of installations and equipment.

 Kamal Abadi added that the company in the past years with the establishment of the retrofitting committee has started studies on retrofitting TBS stations to 29 cases in the province and also studies of review and retrofitting of 10 office buildings and this is important in its agenda. Also, in order to study the coating of steel networks in order to select the contractor and studies of the condition of coating by ACVG method, PCM with the amount of 300 km of steel network in the cities of Arak and Saveh, which leads to identification and removal of faulty points of coverage.  

Tuesday, Jun 13, 2023
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